Digital Transgender Archive

From the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives site: In the early 1990s Mirha-Soleil Ross and Xanthra Phillippa MacKay formed a publishing company called genderpress. Between 1993 and 1995 they produced four zines entitled gendertrash from hell. The first issue of gendertrash includes a mission statement: "gendertrash is devoted to the issues & concerns of transsexuals. gendertrash also welcomes input from gender positive genetics. in addition to issues of gender hate & oppression, gendertrash is equally opposed to any other forms of systematic oppression by those who are in positions of power." The zines are an assemblage of articles, poetry, interviews, and visual art curated by Ross and MacKay. Original paste-ups and promotional materials for gendertrash are also held in the archive, and they help to demonstrate the zine’s intended audience.

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