Digital Transgender Archive

Phyllis Randolph Frye is the first openly transgender judge in the United States. She is also a U.S. Army veteran, a licensed engineer, an attorney, and a prominent trans activist. This collection includes 11 photographs and 1 certificate from the U.S. Army that document Frye's life journey between 1962 and 2006, reflecting her life before transitioning as well as her important role in the movement for transgender rights. This collection also features many documents including the International Bill of Gender Rights, an employer’s handbook for addressing employees’ gender transitioning, the Gay Agenda of the LGBTIQA Community of Houston, law reviews by Phyllis Frye, and biographical materials about Phyllis Frye. These documents provide information about the transgender movement, legal issues surrounding marriage and parenting, and information on many types of discrimination. Frye grants unrestricted permission for use of these materials with the purpose to "encourage people to know more of this history":

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